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Fridge Sizes – The Big Choice

As much as we can think that our fridges are eternal, they’re not. At some point, your fridge is going to break and you would have to purchase a new one. But when you think about it, you can’t even remember the dimensions of your refrigerator; much less imagine how a new one would look like in its place.

 Fridge Measurements.

The first thing you would have to do is to get the measurements of the space that your fridge occupies. This means the space it takes to open the fridge door and the space left for you to be able to move around. Also, take record of the length of the drawers when you open them and how much space is left for you to move around as well. Measure the height and width of your fridge to know the exact space that you are currently working with.


Fridge sizes can vary greatly, and there is no specific measurement to fit your house perfectly, but you can always get the next big size, or the next smaller size. When on the lookout for your new fridge, make sure to ask for assistance to check out the specifications of the fridge you like. They would probably have a list on the basic height and width of the fridge you are interested in and you can counter check it with the measurements you have of your old fridge. Bigger refrigerator sizes don’t usually mean better performance, smaller refrigerator sizes don’t usually mean smaller electrical consumption and vice versa. There are no specific rules for these, and sometimes it’s the power consumption you have to really look into.


It’s one thing to be practical with physical space when it comes to fridge sizes and it’s another factor to be practical with the electrical consumption of the said appliance. Work within your budget and see what you can get from there that will definitely fit your home and your bills. Should you have the space in your kitchen you can consider buying one off the Liebherr refrigerators.

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